Summer is on board and while we are under this social distancing period, everyone start thinking about the summer holidays! Where to go? What to do?

Covid still exists and we don’t know how long it will take to discover a vaccine for it. The whole world is under thoughts about its safety. A lot has been written about how safe is to do your summer holidays in an island and choose to stay at a hotel. Does the hospitality companies follow the WHO rules for sanitizing and sterilizing the rooms?  How many hotels will open? Personally I know a lot that will not open this year. It isn’t affordable for them to open the hotels just for a few months. To be honest they have right!

This summer will be different in many ways. The vast majority of my friends will not do holidays. They prefer to stay home or visit friends in an island. For me this summer will be different too. Why? It’s so simple. I chose the Valef Yachts company to arrange my vacations. I know that sounds crazy and a lot of you think that this will cost me a fortune. To be honest this is the least that I can do for me and my safety, and it will not cost me a fortune!

A yachting holiday is above all a journey, an escape from the world and into a carefree paradise where you want for nothing and everything is beautiful. It’s the sense of privacy, of freedom, of something your family and friends share in that moment, your own luxurious floating island. An all-inclusive secret paradise just for you! Being on a yacht deck you will be able to clean your thoughts and see things in a different perspective.

When you step aboard and physically move away from land, it feels like you’re casting off from real life and into an adventure. On a yacht, you get to set the program. Each morning the captain will come and discuss what you’d like to do for the day. Want to go to that nearby island to dive? No problem. Want to invite people for an extravagant dinner? No problem. Want someone to come to the yacht to give you a massage? It will be done. You’ll find on a yacht, there’s very rarely a problem: your crew are professionals working at the absolute top of the hospitality game. Seven-star service is the goal, and you’ll very quickly warm to it. Just choose the basics and some books. Believe me it’s an one and only life experience.

Valef Yachts company knows how to treat you as a King and Queen. You are the King and Queen of yourself!

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